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Camp Sassafras is connecting kids beyond the screen! ​

We started Camp Sassafras to fill the hollowness we felt when our beloved summer camps could no longer function in the midst of this global pandemic. Our own kids were struggling with isolation, boredom, and feelings of hopelessness, and frankly so were we! We heard the same thing from our family friends and past co-workers---everyone was getting too much "screen time" and endless days were running one into another. We knew we had to do something, but could we actually make something "real" in this virtual world?!?!


What we discovered was so much more wonderful than anything we could have imagined! Somehow, in our online summer camp classes, kids were making friends, teachers were excited to join us, parents were full of happy feedback! We found a community of new friends from all around the country who were delighted to share some of their day with us online. Surprised and grateful, we knew we had to keep this thing going!

Banishing "zoom gloom" through ACTION!

We've all felt the crippling weight of inertia lately. Throw in some stress and anxiety, and a steady diet of TV reruns, and you've got an anchor that's hard to lift! That's why Camp Sassafras classes all emphasize getting out into nature and getting MOVING! Whether we are painting the beauty in our own backyards or exploring the neighborhood with our cameras or designing our own fitness challenge games, we are breaking the bonds of limited thinking and jumping back into our best selves! Although our classes are online, and therefore "on screen" as well, they are anything but passive. Give it a try! You might just get your groove back!

School Children

Our online classes create

personal & joyful connection! 

Let us create YOUR perfect online event! We bring the FUN to your 2020 memories!

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