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What's a Camp Sassafras online party like?
We customize your party and event to fit any type of celebration! Each party kicks off with a lively Meet n' Greet with introductions, funny stories, and silly trivia games. Next up, Fun & Games! Guests get moving and laughing with unique and customized party games. Then, pull your sleeves up! It's time for a creative and interactive Facilitated Activity (this could be anything)! To wrap up the party fun, we say our Goodbyes, and sing happy birthday...until next time! 
Party themes and ideas! 


We design every party perfect for YOU!

  • Potions & experiments
  • Cake decorating challenge 
  • Arts & crafts
  • Magic tricks 
  • Games galore
  • Spa day
  • Live animal show
  • Trivia
  • Libations
  • Paint night 
  • Cooking challenge
  • Sound bath
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • and more! 
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Read what some of our party people have to say!








"Our family desperately needs safe socializing time. Camp Sassafras served that up - we laughed like we hadn't in months. It was such a joy for our whole family! Thank you Adina and team Sassafras!!!" ~ Christine S.

"We felt sad that our 7 yr old daughter couldn’t celebrate her birthday with her friends. Adina came to the rescue and designed a really fun party through zoom, which kept the kids laughing and entertained for a good couple of hours. She tends towards being a little shy, but the party hosts coaxed the best out of her and ensured she was smiling throughout. Adina and the team take the time to understand the children, what they might enjoy, and suggest a really personalised experience - which made the party special, even in lockdown. THANKS!" 


"We booked my daughter's virtual birthday party. What a great idea! My daughter was happy that she got to celebrate her birthday virtually while we are in this "lockdown". Some of our family members who live abroad were also able to join, which made the party even more special! We had teacher Shannon and Arlynn host the party, and they were both great with the kids. They played some fun games, did some age-appropriate cooking, and also did spa activities. I would highly recommend their virtual birthday party!"

"First, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the amazing 75th birthday zoom party. If you were there, or have seen the video recording, I’m sure you’ll see the unabridged delight on my face as I noticed who was there on my monitor. From people I haven’t seen in 10 or 20 years to people I communicate with and visit frequently, I really appreciate and love you all. Shannon will be sending out the recording soon, so if you missed it, check it out! Spread the love!
LOVE, Frank, aka Buddy, Uncle Buddy, cousin Buddy, and most of all DAD & Grandpa"

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